//Pink Unicorn Crystal

Pink Unicorn Crystal


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Pink Crystal Slime with Unicorn charm
Volume: 110ml

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Feel the magic with our special unicorn created with stunning handmade crystal slime. Our magical unicorn is sure to generate big smiles and brighten the day for children and adults alike! We used the highest quality materials to ensure our Unicorn Crystal slime will always remain bright, stretchy, and fun to play with. Keep your little ones entertained for hours, let them smush, mash, pull, knead, or whatever hearts little heart’s desire! That’s the beauty of our Unicorn Crystal, we created it to help promote creativity in children, help ease stress and anxiety, and most of all, to have some good clean fun!

Each jar comes with a delightful unicorn charm inside. Choose from Blue, Green, Pink or Yellow.



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Weight 4.8 oz
Dimensions 55 × 55 × 70 mm


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